Five Of William Shakespeare’s’ Most Loved Plays

English playwright William Shakespeare wrote many works with intriguing plots and fascinating characters. Here are five of his most loved plays.

“Romeo and Juliet” is a tragedy about young lovers who strive to be together despite the lethal rivalry of their families. It’s well-known for the balcony scene and lyrical dialogue.

“The Taming of the Shrew” is a comedy about a woman unwilling to marry and the determined suitor who eventually wins her affection. Katherina and Petruchio are characters who constantly clash with sharp dialogue and funny remarks.You can find a quick rundown Read the rest of this entry »

A Very Abridged History Of The Theatre

Theatre has its origins in the Greek word “theama,” which means a sight or spectacle. The place where these spectacles were held were called “theatrons.” Though a place where movies are shown is also referred to as a “theatre,” here the discussion is about live performances that began to take shape in ancient Greece about eight millenia ago.

Every culture seems to have a history of embellished reenactments of their own significantly historical events. From ancient to modern theater, actors donning costumes and makeup recreated history on stage before spectators.Confused? September 2013

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